Friday, February 13, 2015

In the Lilacs - Cozy Cowl Reminiscent of Spring

Do you hate winter because of the snow, cold and ice, yet you are trapped in a cold climate? Do you need continual reminders that spring will come and that cold, dreary weather will eventually end?

Or, are you like me? Do you love winter because it means that you get to wear sweaters, scarves and all other manner of warm accessories crocheted in gorgeous yarns in amazing colors?

Well, no matter how you feel about winter, this new cowl in my shop is guaranteed to bring needed reminders of spring plus bring you the warmth and coziness you need when Ol' Man Winter wraps his icy fingers around your abode.

I present In the Lilacs, a chunky cowl crocheted in Yak Wool:

In the Lilacs Yak Wool Cowl
This cowl is available at the Pen and Hook, my yarn and gift shop on Etsy. Like my yak yarn, blog readers can get this cowl for a discounted price by using the coupon YAK10 until February 27.

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