Monday, June 30, 2014

Writing Places is selling YARN!

We're now selling yarn at Writing Places!

I love yarn. I love fiber. I love playing with yarn and fiber. Crochet is my favorite hobby. I take it with me in the car, to work, on some vacations. I crochet every night starting around 7 p.m.. I crochet when the family comes over on Sundays. We'll watch football, eat, chat and I crochet. It's very relaxing and, well, I love yarn.

Because we felt like the store needed a boost, I started looking around for companies that would let my small business sell yarn. That's when I found a company called Darn Good Yarns. They accepted my request to sell without hesitation and they had a good rate. In fact, Nicole, the CEO, and Maggie were extremely helpful in getting me started.

Besides their extraordinary customer skills, the reason I wanted to sell Darn Good Yarns is because its products come from a co-op in India and Nepal that empowers women to earn an income and help their families receive medical care, education and other necessities. In many countries around the globe, people are crippled by such deep poverty that I cannot begin to understand what they suffer.  Women and girls are deeply affected by it and become vulnerable to all sorts of terrible things. Sales of Darn Good Yarns helps people in Nepal and India to overcome the crippling effects of poverty.

That is also why my shop helps out organizations like Nazarene Compassionate Ministries and Compassion for Africa. Because together we can make a difference in the lives of people everywhere - including people in the United States.

So here is some of the yarn. There will be more posts on it later. I just wanted to give you a peek:

Firecracker Silk Resolution 

Banana Fiber in Green

Napalese Hand Spun 100 percent Silk

Banana Fiber - Radiant Orchid

Nighttime Rainbow - Reclaimed Silk Yarn

This isn't it. There is ribbon and more silk at Writing Places and more is coming!

What do you think?

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